RadioShack 15″ P.A. Speaker


Experience the power of the 15″ P.A. speaker with Bluetooth and 100 Watts RMS power. This powerful party partner has a strip light feature with 3 different colored lights system and a built-in switch to set your party or event in a fun way. In addition, it has a 38mmVC woofer with 30onz magnet, a 25mm titanium driver, 50hz – 18Khz response frequency and 94+/-2dB sensitivity.

It features Bluetooth technology, so you can connect a series of devices like Smartphones, Tablets and others, to enjoy music without annoying cables. Also, it has FM radio, 1 USB port and SD/MMC card slot, giving you even more connection options so you never run out of music. The device features a small built-in LCD display with built-in playback controls that make it easy to use. To find that optimum sound for each type of music it includes a treble and bass equalizer, talkover function for the microphone and echo function.

For accessory connection, it includes 2 microphone inputs with 1/4″ connector, which can also be used to connect a guitar or other instrument, RCA input line and AUX input to integrate other devices.


  • Remote control